Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Sooo I guess for once the weather people are right! Its unbelievable how windy it got here, there are shingles all over my yard! The snow drifts go halfway up the apple trees! I will post again with some more blizzard coverage when I have some pix of my yard, but until then here's a layout I did for a My Minds Eye blog challenge. They put a layout sketch on their blog that you have to follow and they pick a winner.  Its neat to see how all these people have the same sketch, but the pages turn out so different. You should try it! So here's mine for last month, the theme was winter. The picture on the page looks kind of dark tho.
These are my boys. I thank God for them a hundred times a day, they are such blessings! Its starting to get real interesting because they are really branching out into their own personalities, and they are starting to use intelligent words and things. Kyle has been cracking me up because he makes up songs now and clicks his tongue in between each line. Here's an example of a song he made up, I swear he'll be cuttin an album soon; "That girls so freaky," (tongue click) "she's so freaky," (tongue click), "that girl's so freaky", (tongue click), "STAY AWAY FROM MEEEEE!!!!!" (ends in a tongue click). I know. Look out American Idol. 

Have a great Wednesday and stay toasty! And "stay classy San Diego" lol for all you 
Will Ferrell fans....

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