My Story

Hey there! So what's the dealio? What in the world made me jump on the blogger bandwagon? Wellllll, I wanted to have a place to document all of the wonderful details that make up my daily life, such as my tail light falling out the back of my truck or hearing the sweet sound of "Mom! The cats throwing up on the carpet!!" or "Mom! He just farted in my face!"  I know, it brings a tear to your eye, so very special...  But seriously, I LOVE the Lord and I love life and I love my family annnnnd, I love scrapbooking. Yes, the paper, the photos, the supplies, it just makes me so happy I cant even tell you. We'll  just call it a hobby, addiction is such an ugly word, yes?

Here's a few tidbits about me;

*I have 2 little blessings that I like to call, Kyle & Brandon.
*I am a zookeeper to 2 really weird catahoula dogs, (the male thinks hes a human, I literally have full conversations with him if he needs to go outside), 2 cats that will literally go into my scrap studio and destroy it if I run out of food, a pacman frog named Clint Eastwood, a Chinese Water Dragon or something, and a goldfish.  
*Dessert makes me happy. Heck any food does..
*My favorite place in the world is my front porch swing, in the morning, with a hot fresh cup of coffee flavored with french vanilla creamer, thumbing through a new mag.
*Serious obsession with buying scrapbook supplies oh my goodness. (I cant even really call myself a scrapper because I dont actually have time to create much, I just buy the supplies...sound familiar?)
*I have a sweet ride, a pink Schwinn. No basket.
*Am currently learning attempting to teach myself piano, & I would love to learn how to speak Italian, and someday visit Paris.
*I love gardening, it is so exciting to me to plant a seed and watch it grow into something beautiful! God is so amazing!
*Totally addicted to playing golf. Love it. Love Love Love.
*Spent most of my life playing softball, I love baseball, its in my blood. Took the dudes to the Field of Dreams, I still cant even talk about it. Just amazing day.

Sooo there ya have it in a nutshell. Thanks for visiting & I wouldn't get mad if you shared some love by leaving a comment..just sayin. ;)


pattyb said...

Soooo glad I saw your post on Red Lead are hilarious adn you make this old lady laugh! You have done your good deed for today! Thanks for sharing your love of our Lord! We need more of that kind of sunshine and Good Cheer in our precious world! And around our house my DH uses the word "collection", he tell his co-workers that I "collect" card making materials! He thinks it's a much nicer word that addiction or obesssion!

Thanks again for making my day and I will enjoy seeing you art any day! Blessings sweet girl~

Anonymous said...

It was such a sweet pleasure meeting you at the Prima Event in Palm Desert this January.
You are a breath of fresh air always smiling with nice things to say about every thing. Always brightened our day:}
Love your space, will follow with eagerness...Hugs, nancy mayer