Monday, October 10, 2011

Trick or Treat Card

Wutttuppp peeps! I have another Halloween card forya! Sooo my plan was to have more of these done by now buuuuttt we all know how that goes ;)

So there ya have it, simple yet fun & festive. I broke out some old cobweb die cuts and dressed up my tag with a little sparkly tulle and voila. It doesnt get much more simple than this, girlfriend. Hopefully I get some more done cuz lets be honest here I mean this is serious stuff.  ;) 

Oh! Did you happen to catch the Rangers/Tigers game tonight?! WOW that was cccrraaazzzyyy!! WALK OFF GRAND SLAMM  WWOOOOHHHOOOO!!! Plus Texas gets a ton of rain?! Praise the Lord!

Have an amazing night amigos!!

xoxo Rah 

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