Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ninjas & Icing

Happy Sunday! What an amazing weekend  filled with fun Christmas goodness! I am pooped! The boys' had their Christmas program this morning at church (which they rocked!) They are a laugh a minute! After that we went for lunch at White Fence Farm in Romeoville. It was sooo yummy! I could seriously live on their corn fritters. Really. They are like little fluffy sweet heaven pillows. Buttttt that wasnt enough sweetness for us today, we went home and made some of these little guys.
I have been wanting to do this for a long time and we finally got time today. We had so much fun! It doesnt matter how good they look or if they look like they got ran over by a sleigh, what matters is that we spent time together in the kitchen laughing and having a great time together, right?

Ugh. A mountain of m&ms and icing, sprinkles and broken gingerbread limbs. We had soo much fun! I have a feeling its a new tradition for us, though I dont know how we are going to be able to top these guys;

snazzy speedough; (Get it? Speedo? Ha! I'll be here all week folks!)

And my personal best, my ninja, complete with angry eyebrows.


Peace! Im out.

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