Monday, December 6, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Hey there! Just a quick post to share a few cutesy ornaments that I love, Im super tired. Mondays at work are crazy! There are so many ornaments that I love, I cant put them all on here of course, so Ill just show a few that made me smile. Ive always loved gingerbread houses ever since I was little, sooo when Hallmark came out with their series of them a few years ago I flipped! They are so colorful and detailed! I missed the first year though so I only have 2 so far, hopefully Ill get this years as a gift....wink are you reading this?...
The next one is soooo adorable, my "mom" ornament from last year. You cant really tell but she's sparkly. Annndddd made out of strawberries and chocolate. If I was an ornament I would probably be this gal right here...

 This poor old girl and I go way back.

Okay now, do you see a pattern here? Sweets? Hello.
Ok Ok we can switch it up a bit.   
I think snowflakes are just beautiful!

Sleep tight!

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