Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pure Bliss

Haaayyyy!!!! I got my computer back tonight woot woot! I am so happy that I can blog again Im sure yall forgot about me ;} I have so many fun things to show you! This past weekend was so gorgeous and warm, wasnt it amazing? I cant wait to do fun summer things like bike rides and cookouts and baseball (woohoo!) and goin to the waterpark! I love watching the boys swim and splash around because it means they're going to sleep really well that night they look like theyre having so much fun! I miss the days where we didnt actually have to leave the house for waterslides and things, we could just buy a kiddie pool and they were perfectly content right?I swear waterslides are just silly....youd never catch me on one...

Oh...Ummmm...Yeeeaaaahhhh.....okay okay I freekin love waterslides! I wish I had one in my house! And the sad thing is the boys were thousands of miles away when I went down this one! But you gotta agree with me, they would have been very upset with me if I was at a resort that had a waterslide and I didnt test out the facilities right? Okay then. Lets just say I took one for the team.   

 Soooo speaking of water, I did a simple little layout showing Beeb totally in his own little world, soaking up the warm rays, enjoying the cool water...youd never know he was in  a little inflatable pool from BenFranklin would ya?

I love seeing that look on his face; pure bliss :}
I wanted to keep it super simple to leave the focus on the photo. I didnt think there was any need for journaling or words, the look on his face says it all.  I cant believe at one point the background paper was once all white! Its the resist paper from Stampin Up.  I used Tattered Angels glimmer mist, it rocks! I used dragonfly and peacock then covered that with tide pool and mermaid glimmer glam. It is sooo sparkly I love how it turned out and I love how his smile absolutely makes me want to kiss him all over his little face.

Soooo Ill see you again tomorrow I cant believe I have my computah back! I also cant believe Im one of those people that miss their computer when its gone...What is the world coming to? (enter british accent here) Have I gone maaaaddd!?!?!?? (exit british accent here) Anyway good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

xoxo Rah

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