Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey good evening! Sorry for such a late post, I just got home from seeing The Help. Oh my word. Go see it and bring the kleenex, just sayin. So. Good. I have to get the book now! I thought Id sneak up there to see the show because the boys got to go to Wrigley tonite. Nothin cures missing your babies like a dear friend, a new flick, and a box of popcorn dripping with pure saturated fat.

Sooo anyhoo, I promised I would show you my newest project, some Christmas home decor action. Ive had this ornate frame by Kaisercraft that I love so much Ive been afraid to do anything with. (Do you ever do that? Hang onto something because you love it so much youre afraid to mess it up?) Wellll I recently recieved the new MME Lost and Found Christmas products, have you seen this collection. WOWZA! Its amazing! I knew immediately that I wanted to make some kind of home decor with it, and this would just be the perfect thing! So here's what I came up with;
Okay now I gotta tell ya, I wanted to take pics of it in my dining room which is a dark sage green color and it looks amazing against the color and thats where Im gonna hang it during Christmastime, but I didnt have a nail placed in there yet so I just hung it on a white door that already had a nail in it so i apologize. Anyway, I think it turned out pretty cute and I cant wait to add some black n white pics!

Okay, so I know I didnt like reinvent the wheel or something and Im sure youve seen projects like this before, but Im just super excited about actually getting some new products in the mail and USING them, not hoarding them... I know! What a concept!  And honestly I didnt even really have to do much because MME does such a fabulous job of designing their products that all I really had to do was hang their die cuts and chipboard pieces with random trims and stamped/inked clothes pins. How easy and fun?! I have so many more Christmas collections from other companies Im just gonna go nuts and start making lots of things like this! Another thing that Im super excited about for this project is that-now dont laugh-this is the first time ive ever decoupaged something. Ever. Im hooked. I covered the wooden frame with Mod Podge, and I used torn up little pieces of old vintage music sheets (another addiction of mine) which are extremely easy to use because they are so fragile and brittle they just peel apart from wherever you dont want them.  After youre done with that, slap some glossy Mod Podge on top of it all and voila. So if you have any decoupage tips Id love to hear them! Here's to learning a new technique peeps! Good night!

xoxo Rah

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