Monday, August 22, 2011

AC & Fried Chicken

Hey peeps! Its been awhile! Can you believe August is coming to an end?! I cant. This year absolutely flew and there's like 4 months til Christmas...Yep. That just happened. Autumn is coming up and thats my fave, I just lovvvve it! The boys started school Thursday, both in middle school now. Really. Its so amazing to watch them changing into little men. They make me laugh out loud every day! We went on a quick shopping trip for a few things tonight, and here are two examples of their little personalities; Instance numero 1; We were discussing ac in the schools nowadays, or lack thereof. They apparently dont have any, and I said "well I didnt have it when I was in school." Kyle says matter of factly, "Well jeez ma, that was back in the day. That was like back in the nineteens."  Ouch.  Instance numero 2; Picture yourself in Culvers drive thru frazzled and rushing cuz theres people behind you someone on the speaker sqwawkin at you and all you want is your kids order and he said he wants the chicken dinner and you say "is that the 2 piece fried chicken dinner?" and you look down at this fuzzy hair blue eyed thing that shakes his hand at you and says,"It's just so good ma. Ill tell you what it is. Its love, and goodness." How annoyed do you think the drive thru people get when you laugh out loud right into the speaker? ;) I live for these moments, so fleeting. Gone so quickly. Im enjoying every second I can with my little men, soon theyll be grown. Im thankful for every time I feel one of their little precious hands slip into mine, or their little arms wrap around me in a sweet embrace. God is so good. He just knows.  

So here's alil peek of my project Im gonna share with you tomorrow...
If youre in the mood for something Christmasy-home-decorish, youre not going to want to miss this! Have a good night and thanks for hangin out!

xoxo Rah

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Ivana Camdzic said...

Looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see the reveal! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your blog with me too! It is absolutely beautiful!!! :)