Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Dry Heat

Haaayyy! How was your weekend?! Mine was super quick but it was good. Ive been kind of bummed this week because I had planned on going to the last Creative Escape in AZ but unfortunately I didnt get to go. Im so sad! Sooo I thought Id share a few pix from last year's CE that I went to. I literally have hundreds of pics and can you believe I havent scrapped a single one?! Im such a slacker scrapper! This first pic is one of my mom and I on the last day when we were about to get into our taxi. It was a very emotional morning for me cuz I didnt want to leave and the last few days were absolutely amazing! Im so thankful that my mom could be there with me, she's my best friend I dont know what Id do without her.

So I cant even tell you how many people said "wow its 112 degrees out there in AZ but dont worry its a dry heat." Note; people that say that HAVE NEVER BEEN TO ARIZONA. Seriously. So I am a total water bug, love love swimming so when I looked off my balcony and saw this;

You can bet the first thing I said was "gitchur suit on big momma we're goin swimmin." Sooo we're sitting by the pool,

and we're both wondering where everyones at...these beautiful pools, warm sunlight on our faces, why are we the only ones out here? Well, Ill tell you the reason why which we discovered in about 10 minutes.  CUZ WE'RE THE ONLY MORONS AT THE RESORT THAT WOULD FRY THEMSELVES UNDER THE SCORCHING ARIZONA SUN DURING THE HOTTEST PART OF THE DAY!! Dry heat my butt. Note to self; when you can feel your heart beat in your head, its time to get out of the sun... Sooo did we get out of the sun???...

Heck no baby! I could never show my face at home to the boys again if they knew there was a waterslide and I didnt utilize its fun potential.
So here's a few more random shots of the trip;

My mom & I made this gorgeous apron, you cant really see the detail in this pic;
Heidi Swapp & Rhonna Fharrer picked me and some other gals to read "The Top 10 Reasons How You Know Youre a Scrapbooker at CE" on their House of Three live webshow.  Mine was number 9, "when you pay for a room that you never even sleep in!" So true! I was soooo nervous Im really shy while speaking in front of people ;) Ill never forget it though. Im glad I wore my 35 dollar butterfly pj pants from Victorias Secret ha! I still cant believe I paid that much for stupid pj pants.

We got to watch a beautiful storm come over the mountains;

Here's the amazing teachers that made the event so fabulous! From left to right; Heidi, Claudine, Teresa, Pam, Maggie, Trisha, Jessica, and Margie.

They were all so amazing and it was so neat to hear each of their stories of how they got to this point. Some were so emotional and touching I felt like I cried the whole time I was there lol! It was so inspiring though. I have a ton more pics but Im going to scrap them and then Ill show them to you in the finished product k? Im gettin sleepy so have a good night and Ill talk atcha latah! Bye loves!

xoxo Rah

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