Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome October

Heyyy! Wow October?! Really. I have like 5 or 6 paychecks til Christmas. Really. Does anyone else feel like the year has slipped away? Its crazy! Im making a promise to myself that starting this weekend Im going to pick up a few Christmas gifts every weekend til then because I want to actually enjoy the holiday season this year, can I get a witness? I cant believe so many stores have their Christmas stuff out though thats kind of pushin it, buddy. So tonite Im just gonna show you a few pix from around my house, no fancy photoshopping or anything like that cuz lets be honest. I dont have a clue how to operate photoshop. That's on my to-do list. So dont judge me sistuh.  Here's some beautiful cherry tomatoes, my kids eat these things like candy, do yours?

One of the perks to living out in the country is the amazing sunsets. Love them. And please note that as soon as I learn photoshop, the first thing Im gonna do is learn how to edit out the darn power lines. Moving on.

More of Gods awesome color choices. He's amazing. How can someone look at something like this and wonder if He's real or not and if He loves us!? It baffles me!

I woke up one Saturday morning and looked out my upstairs bedroom window, and dont ask me how but I spotted this beauty in my pine trees. How awesome is this?!
So cool! For the record; When Im outdoors I leave Charlotte and her little arachnid brothers and sisters alone and respect them. But when theyre in my house. Let it be known to all the spiders in the area. It's fair game. You better pack a lunch. Just cuz I have half the arms and legs you do doesnt mean I cant swing em. And fast. All at once. Like a ninja. You wont even see me comin.

Annnnd of course there's always snuggle time.

That's my Ky, and my little moomoo at the bottom, Jeter. Kyle better never get too old to snuggle with me. The day he doesnt want to snuggle is the day I start trying to give him little momma kissies in front of all his friends. Ohh yeah I am that girl. But I think he knows better. Jeter and I have a special bond yes we do. I swear to you he will sit there and have a full conversation with me when I ask him if he needs to go outside.

So thats whats been goin on. Just hangin out, lovin life. Kickin it. Nothing too exciting but so much to be thankful for! ;)
Have a good night! Love you!

xoxo Rah

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