Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days Of Christmas Cards- Day 10!!

Phew! We made it to another Friday whooooopie!! How thankful I am to be at home snuggling, in my pjs, gazing at my many twinkle lights strewn through the house. I truly believe in that saying "home sweet home." I just love being home chillin with my family, totally content with that. Now, if you were to say you were gonna send me away on a vacay,  a warm beach, the sound of waves crashing, skin being drenched in the rays of a big fat sunshine, that's a whoooole other story....Anyhoo, back to the most wonderful time of the year! Bring on Day 10!

Some very chic Teresa Collins goodness, chipboard frame by The Dusty Attic, beautiful cherry cobbler seam binding by Stampin Up, chandelier drop and trim by Maya Road.
I sure love making cards now, I dont really know what happened?! I just started making them like last year or something and now my poor kids' pages are dwindling...I need to start making pages again but Im hooked ahhhhh!!!! Do you know what I think it is? When you sit down to make a card, you can actually "finish" it. A scrapbook is an ongoing thing and I guess it just gets a little overwhelming sometimes...Im sorry, Im not trying to go all "Days Of Our Lives" on you, just sayin. Maybe I just needed a little break or something, just wanted to play a little? But hey! I can do both right? I mean why not? That's the awesome thing about crafting is that there really are no rules! Suits me well, haha!! Sooo cards AND pages it is ladies WHATS UP NOW?! WOOHOO!! Keep it festive ladies!! Love you all!

xoxo Rah

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Kristi S said...

This is gorgeous Sara! Teresa Collins makes the most gorgeous stuff I swear! I started out scrapbooking and ended up discovering and falling in LOVE with card making instead. My scrapbooks probably will never be finished!