Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hey my little paper-addict peeps!  Well, sadly today was my last day of Christmas vacay, I have to work tomorrow. Yep goin back on a Friday ha! That's okay though I dont mind, Im so thankful to have a job right now! It was so amazing having a few consecutive days off! Is it wrong that I would get up in the morning and change out of my jammies, into a different pair of jammies?!  I got back from the store today (in my jammies which by the way were matching so right there ya gotta give me a little credit!) and Beeb says, "you went to the store like that?!" Oh no. Is he really getting to that age? The oh-my-gosh-Im-embarrassed-of-my-mom stage?! NOooooooOOOOOoooo!!!!! I warned both boys already that if they ever act embarrassed of me I will body slam them in front of their whole baseball team and kiss them all over their little faces!  Anyhoo, I do have Monday off for New Years so that's cool! Speaking of the new year, over at The Create Blog they had a New Years card challenge, and my card got featured woohoo! So if you're planning on making some fun party cards, go on over there for some inspiration!! I gotta say, being that I didnt have one lick of New Years themed supplies, it was literally a challenge!

I love how festive it turned out! I used these little star gems from Michaels that Ive been hoarding, used a Sizzix die for the stars, the January background is Teresa Collins, sticker letters are Thickers by American Crafts, and just slapped strategically placed little tiny rhinestones to make it look like they were just "sprinkled" amongst the stars. I know. This is some serious stuff here, guys.  I love walking around the craft stores and finding little doodads like these gems that aren't technically "scrapbook" supplies and using them on projects. It keeps it interesting! And there really are no rules so what the hey!?
Thanks for stopping by! Keep it festive ladies!

xoxo Rah

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