Monday, March 19, 2012

Key Lime Cove

Hey peeps! Phew am I pooped! I decided to take the dudes on a little getaway to this indoor waterpark called Key Lime Cove. We had sooo much fun! It's funny because Im thinking "yeah we'll go in March cuz it'll be cold  and yucky still.." Sooo the weather here yesterday was 80 and sunny. What's goin on?! That's ok though, we had a blast. It really is an awesome place! When you walk in it's like walking into a little beachy town or something.

Isn't this place cool?! Those colors are so beautiful and inspiring! Now I want to do a brightly painted bathroom I think it'd be so cheerful.  So I took a ton of pics but just posted a few of course, I haven't even shown the waterpark yet, haha! Where are some cool places you've visited? Any plans for spring break? Ill pretty much be workin through the whole thing sooo that's cool. (blagh)

Thanks for stopping by! Love y'all!

xoxo Rah

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