Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeing Spots

TGIF wooohooo! Soo guess what?! Yesterday was my birthday, and I am so thankful to celebrate being alive for another year! The Lord blessed me with some amazing gifts- seven to be exact;

Aren't they beautiful? Spots as far as the eye can see lol! My Taloula the Catahoula had little puppies! One is cuter than the next! I am so proud of her, she is an amazing mama.

Okay now Im going to post this next picture, but it is so cute I don't think you'll be able to handle the cuteness. So prepare yourself. Ok. Ready?

I know. I know. Ok now. I'm gonna double the cuteness. Are you ready. Here we go.

I swear I cannot get one good stinkin family picture without someone stickin their tongue out.

Stop kissing your screen! ;)

 Wasn't this like the best gift ever?! I am so thankful everything went well and everyones healthy and stinky and all that ;) The next few weeks are going to be crraazzyyy!! K I'm gonna go tend to my little fuzz buns now, and maybe even do some snugglin...

Have an amazing evening peeps and thanks for hangin out!

 Love, Rah


Alison said...

OH.MY.WORD.!!!!!!!!! There just aren't enough words to describe how CU.TE they are!!! Happy b-day, too!

Miae said...

Happy belated Sarah! And congrats to mama :) They sure are cute little buggers!