Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh She's A Diva

Hey stranger! How's your summer going?! Mine has been a lit-tle craazzyy! These puppies are just the cutest darn things, but it's hard to have fun with them because they're always so stressed out and up tight...

I mean I just wish they would take it easy and learn how to relax a little...

These poor babies. Their life is just so rough..

How do they possibly cope? They need some R&R!

Okay. Enough with the sarcasm and cute fuzziness, Onto my real post ;) I wanted to share a layout I did recently, and I cannot look at it without cracking up. Usually my mom absolutely hates pictures ok? Well I got her these hysterical pink shades to wear while gardening, buuuut she actually wore them out in public. With me. Together. In public. I'm like "Ma look at me" cuz I wanted to take her pic, and I was expecting "No get outta here!" Wellll not only did she NOT say that, she just looked up at me with this diva girl attitude and allowed me to capture this moment. In her pink shades, in all their glory.

It may not as funny to you because you don't know her, but trust me. It's a classic. Everyone I know will be getting a copy of this for Christmas.

Pretty girly eh?

Can I just tell you how happy this layout makes me?! Cracks. Me. Up. I'm just going to warn you, you're probably gonna see like 19 layouts with this picture. Here are some products I used;

Prima fleurs & chandelier drop
BoBunny Little Miss Collection
Dusty Attic leafy stems
Petaloo fairy
Walnut Ink
Martha Stewart rose glitter
doily die

There's lots of layering and distressing and sparkling! You can't really tell but the banner under her is popped up, looks pretty sweet. I hope you like it! Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful evening!

Love, Rah


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