Saturday, October 13, 2012

So Very Blessed

Hey lovelies, how are you on this glorious Saturday!? I am doing well, other than having little blisters on my fingertips from my stupid glue gun but other than thaaaat doin good! So you know how your just chuggin along, doin the day to day, enjoying all that life has to offer, then all of a sudden BAM!! Something happens that absolutely knocks you on your butt, knocks the wind out of you, throws you for a loop. That has happened to me recently, and it was something that has totally reminded me how precious life really is, and how important it is to get our feelings and thoughts down on paper. It is so easy to get sucked into the daily grind that sometimes we don't think about that stuff, but it is SO important to make sure our loved ones know exactly how much we love and cherish them. This, my dear, is where scrapbooking comes in. Yes scrapbooking has totally beautiful products, paper, flowers, etc. But. Lets not forget what we're doing it for! Yes the holidays are important, and the first day of kindergarten is so special, but is your child going to know just how you felt dropping him off on that first day of school? How hard it was  for you to let his chubby little boy hand slide out of yours and clutch his new Spidey bookbag strap that hung loosely across his little shoulder? Or will your mom know how much you appreciate all the times she made homemade cut out cookies for your school parties or took you trick or treating? These are the little daily details in our lives that we need to document. I'll be the first to admit that I have not been very good at this lately, but that's gonna change. Starting today actually ;) I did a layout of me and my boys and even though the picture was taken on Thanksgiving, the layout doesn't really have anything to do with Thanksgiving persayyy... So anyway here it is;

It was so funny, I swear tryin to get a good pic with the boys is like pullin teeth, but ya know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. Because now I look back at these pics and laugh ;) Who cares if Kyle is blowin a bubble when he's supposed to be smiling? Or that Beeb was farting on my leg? lol I love them so much!! Have a good evening and thank you so much for stopping by!
Love, Rah


Karen Shady said...

Hi Sarah... I saw your gorgeous work on, and had to come see more :) Im now a new follower :) x

Bellaidea said...

Beautiful work! Best regards!:)