Monday, November 12, 2012

A Slice Of Heaven

Merry Monday!! Hey so I got this new Sizzix die and it's the shape of a piece of pie! Isn't that a cute idea?! What will they think of next?! Here's what the die looks like;

I guess it's really supposed to be cake, but when I saw it the first thing I thought of was PUMPKIN PIE!!! AHHHHHH!!! Yum. Soooo I'm having Thanksgivin this year, (I know, what did I get myself into?!), and I'm defenitely gonna make up some favors outta these babies! I wanted to play with the die a little yesterday, so I made a "rough-draft".
Not the most perfect piece of pah persayyyyyy,, but I'm sure they'll get better as I go.
I would like to add some burlap, some sequins, maybe a felt bloom or two, juice'em up a little. These are so much fun! I'm gonna put some spinach or something in them, and by spinach I mean mini peanut butter cups.
I can't really tell you why the  whipped topping is hanging off the front so far....but if someone complains about too much whipped topping they have more issues than Sports Illustrated, can I get a witness? That's like saying, "I'm sorry but I can't eat this cookie, there's too many chocolate chips in it." Hah! Not likely, my friend.
OK. Have a wonderful evening, thank you so much for your kind comments darlings! I love all of you!
xoxo Rah