Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ladies Man This Way

Whattup paper peeps!! So over at the Fancy Pants Blog and the Gossamer Blue Blog they are hosting a little contest, a chance to be a guest designer! I have always been a fan of Fancy Pants Designs, and their latest collections have been awesome!! I created this page for the contest, it's not this spectacular design or amazing page, it's really just a funny light-hearted page that makes me smile everytime I look at it. My son Kyle is really growing up fast here, and he makes me belly laugh all. the. time. I adore this kid, he is so funny! He is nothing short of a "ladies man" lol!


This collection makes me swoon, ohh the colors. I just love them! Yes, his t-shirt is a hamburger asking "sup-dawg?" to the hot dog. It is so Kyle. God help me if he sees that I put this on the internet...
Anyhoo, go make a page! Remember; you do not have to create an amazing masterpiece every time you make a page!! If it is a special memory that you don't want to forget or if it's just a simple thing that makes you smile, the important thing is that you document it and get it down on paper so you don't ever forget it! That is what scrapbooking is about ;)
Thank you so much for hangin with me, have a blessed day!
Love, Rah

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