Saturday, August 24, 2013

Charming Boy

Hey paper peeps! How is your super Saturday?! Mine is wonderful! My mom & dad visited for a lunch cookout, my mom & I went to Hobby Lobby, and I get to create tonite woohoo! Such a beautiful day. I wanted to share a layout with you! Over at the Crate Paper Blog they are having a  challenge, to use navy blue and sequins, 2 items that have been pretty high on my list lately ;) As I was going through my Crate Paper stash, I started seeing all of these "blue" bits & pieces that I loved, sooo my layout's pretty much all blue. Like totally monochromatic blue... like lots and lots of blue. Like if you don't care for the color blue, stop scrolling..

This photo is my son Brandon (whom I call Beeb), and he just kills me. In one second he's charming and handsome, and literally in the same second he's dribbling tater chips out of his mouth. I don't know how he does it, must be a boy thing...

Such a looker...

I usually don't do a lot of stamping on my layouts, basically because I'm skeered. I don't want to spend all this time on a layout and then screw it up because of a little smudge, which would drive me absolutely bonkers for all eternity, ya feelin me? People may not see it, but I'll know it's there. I got out the stamps I wanted to use, got my little ink out, and as I was peeling one of my stamps off of the clear thing, a piece of it ripped totally off! I sqwished it back onto the clear block, and I can't believe it, but you can't even tell. It's like a stamping miracle. Due to the anxiety of the whole thing I literally had to step outside for a breath of fresh air. I mean this is serious stuff folks. After awhile I just told myself to stop being such a sissy and get on with it! And you know what? It worked out ;) You just need to commit. Commitment. That's a whooole other blog post..
Go on over to the Crate Blog, grab the info and play along! And remember- scrapbooking should not make you hyperventilate. Grab your stamps, and suck it up sister!
Love, Rah

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