Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hey there! Can you believe it's Halloween already? Where has this year gone? I must admit, I havent been in the Halloween spirit this year. I didnt put up any decorations or anything. But, there is a good reason for this.  We have been shopping for paint colors lately because all of the walls in our new old home are stark white. I cant wait to get some color up in here! Sooo that means if I wanna deck this place out for Christmas, we had better get crackin! I had this plan to post a variety of different pix from Halloweens past, but I changed my mind. Do you ever come across a picture, and all of your childhood memories from that time come flooding into your mind? Well, this is what just happened to me. As I was thumbing through my old pics, seeing all of these awesome costumes and parties from past years, treats, decorations, I decided to just use this one. I dont know what it is, but when I look at it, I get emotional. It's not a good picture, but I know that it's my mom behind the camera,  smiling at me because she knew I was so proud of my pumpkin. It's not great lighting, but I know that it's the warm morning sunlight shining on my face. I get this kind of sadness as all of these Halloween memories go through my mind.  I can remember my mom, sitting for hours at the sewing machine, making sure my costumes looked perfect, every detail in place. I can remember her filling the house with delicious aromas coming from the oven, and then carefully placing the sprinkles on the homemade treats for our school parties, individually wrapping them with curly ribbon so every child felt like they got something special. I can remember every trip to the pumpkin farm, and every pumpkin we carved together. I remember her proudly waving and smiling on the side of the road as the Bruning School Costume Parade marched on by, each child believing that they had the BEST costume of anyone. It is so amazing that now, since she was such a wonderful mother , those are the things I enjoy doing for my kids, passing on those little details that make life so memorable, so special. I am so thankful for the time Ive gotten to spend with her, all those years. So thank you mom for all of the little details, they havent been and will never be forgotten! 
Me, 1985

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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pattyb said...

soooo precious! love all the different expressions on your pumpkins!