Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Lovely Are Your Branches

This weekend flew by! I can't believe we are almost into the 2nd week of December. We finally got to put up the tree today. This is such a great tradition! I like to make it special by having a festive dessert, playing some Christmas tunes, and getting the whole family involved. First, we lay all of the ornaments out onto the couch and look at them. I love this because each one has its own story, and I love hearing them every year. Like "I made this when I was in 3rd grade" or "Gramma got me this." It makes me feel good that I know the boys will grow up and remember this and hopefully do the same thing with their families. The tree in the living room is just a traditional tree with white lights and a total jumble of ornaments, not at all matching. I think these kind of trees are so much more interesting to look at.  However, sometimes I do like things to match.....soooooo that's why you have more than one tree, right? Right! Im going to try to get my tree up tomorrow in the dining room, it's going to be a little more matchy and artsy so it should be fun. Im going to use some silvery sparkly goodness;

It should be so pretty! Tomorrow I will show some of my favorite ornaments that Ive collected throughout the years. Have a wonderful Sunday evening. Good night! 

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