Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It Aint Easy Bein Green

Boy did Kermy know what he was talking about! Ok, I dont have any pictures, but I do have a story. My poor Kyle had a traumatic evening last night. The boys came home from their amazing weekend at the Cubs Convention, and came home to one of the weirdest and craziest nights we've ever had. They had only been home for a little while, and they both went upstairs to get ready for bed. Beeb came back downstairs kinda cryin a little saying "Kyles frog is dead Kyles frog is dead!" Soooo this being Kyles second froggie casualty, you can imagine our despair. Kyle was soooo upset!! I felt soooo bad! What can you say to your little sweety when their frog looks like it had just been jumped by a pack of geccos at a bar fight in Tiajuana? It looked like someone said "stickem up!"  and he keeled over frozen in that position! I tried to comfort Kyle and he calmed down a little. After awhile he came running up to me and grabbed me and said "Mom! God brought the frog back to life!" I was like WHAT?! Soooo I looked and sure enough, Matty was giving him little froggy chest compressions and saying "Stay away from the light!" Ok just kiddin. But he did get some warm water and put the froggy in it and he was plump and happy as ever. How crazy is that? Im telling you, we couldve played hockey with this thing, and now he was soaking his little tushy in his little froggy hottub? What in the world? Im telling you, the weirdest night ever. The important thing is  that Kyle immediately gave God the credit and everything is fine!..for now... But after this Im done with amphibians!!

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