Monday, January 3, 2011

Making Tracks

Happy New Year woohoo! What an amazing break! I had the most wonderful Christmas. I hope you all did too! What a wonderful time of year, praise God for sending His son!  It was so nice being able to stay at home with my boys for a whole week.  Dont get me wrong,  I am so thankful for having a job, but I REALLY miss being a stay at home mom. But we make do with what we got, and thats that. The Lord always provides so much for us, we can only be thankful! 

One day on vacay my dad brought over the boys' quad from his house and they pulled each other around on a sled. They had so much fun!  So did Taloula the Catahoula. I dont think Ive ever seen a puppy do so many laps around a yard before! She just kept on racin & racin! It was quite chilly but the snow looked so beautiful. 

Okay now the next set of pix were taken on my "athletic mode" on my camera so scroll through them fast.

Lol I laugh every time. (I guess it's kind of hard to get the full effect of it on blog page.) So thanks for looking and Happy Monday!  

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