Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garden Pockets

Hey there! I had such a wonderful day off! I started working on a project with some new product and I had so much fun! (Until my cat decided to sit on it and take a I was working on it...does anyone else seem to have this problem?) Cant wait to show it to you! Buttttt its not done so Ill show you a few other things. Ive been digging these Making Memories envelopes lately, trying to use them in non-conventional ways. They have different shaped flaps and a ledger design, they are adorable!  The ones I have are from the most recent Christmas collection but I used them as little garden inspired pockets.

These were alot of fun to make! I would like to make a few more and just make it into a garden journal or something. Anyways thanks for hangin for awhile! Gotta go Saturday Night Live is almost on. (When I was a kid I always dreamed about being on that show isnt that weird? :} ) Good night! xoxo