Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Friday! Phew what a week! Sooo glad its the weekend. I could use a break. Tomorrow is my dads birthday so we took him out tonight to an awesome restaraunt. They had some live music going and I ate the most delicious crab cakes Ive ever tasted! I couldve eaten a dozen! He and I used to golf when I was a teenager and we always had such a nice time, even though we werent any good. He would try to use good stance with good posture annnnddd I would just do a running-start-Happy-Gilomore type of thing. Sooo for his birthday I bought him some golf lessons done by a "professional." I am super stoked! Cant wait to go and listen maybe Ill learn something.

In honor of his birthday Im going to show a birthday card I made using some more of the new crate paper products. Now, this obviously isnt my dads bday card because its super girly and pinky, but hey its birthday related nonetheless.

I have a thing with pink roses so of course thats the first thing that I spotted in the die cut sheet was this gorgeous pink rose. I had to make it the focal point of something and a card is usually perfect for that yes?

Well, I cant keep my eyes open any more so I guess Ill hit the hay. Thanks for hangin out and have an amazing Friday evening! Love yall!

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