Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Haaaayyyy! Soooo guess what?! I finally got something "officially" published! Isnt that exciting?! Ive been waiting for so long to show you and now I finally can! Now, grab your July issue of Cards Magazine which looks like this;
Now class, turn with me to page 96 of your books which looks like this;

There it is, my first publication. About food no less. Surprised? Ha! Im not! lol I freekin love BBQ okay?! Golly. Such critics. Its so weird to see my name in print! Ill be honest, I didnt think this card was gonna be picked bcuz it feels super simple to me. I really like loading my cards up with pretties but I dont think they want cards like that ya know? And I try not to get discouraged when they dont pick the things I submit because the cool thing is, is that when you have a blog, you can "publish" your work every day if you'd like right?!   

I really am so thankful to be in there though and I just want to thank Cards Magazine for having me :) So my lovelies have a great night and thank you for stopping by!

xoxo Rah

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