Monday, June 27, 2011

An Encouraging Word

Good evening! How was your weekend? I feel like mine was quite productive actually. Went to church, saw the shortest display of fireworks known to man, devoured a funnel cake covered in powdered sugar, and actually started and finished a creative project. Yep. That just happened. Arent you proud of me?!  Thats the joy of mini albums! You can complete a project in one sitting! And if you have an amazing line of products in front of you, you can use the whole darn thing! This is how I felt when I saw Cosmo Crickets line "Odds & Ends." I knew I had to make something with it where I could incorporate alot of it at once, its absolutely GORGEOUS! My favorite of theirs. Hands down. Well, Ive been hoarding all of it waiting for the opportune time to use it (sound familiar?) and something just dawned on me this weekend as I was sitting at my scrap table...pondering...what to make...what to make...and something clicked. When Im creatively stumped I believe the best thing to do is to make a gift for someone. I find so much joy in giving handmade gifts I cant even tell you! When I thought of this something snapped inside me and I just got right down to it, down & dirty, glue dots a flyin.. First, let me explain something. Recently, at our church, a very dear friend passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind a wonderful wife and 4 sweet children. We were all very devestated, we're all going to miss him so much! I cant even begin to imagine what his wife is going through, so I thought she could use some encouraging words. This led me to create this little album for her. Something pretty for her to pick up and thumb through, maybe just a quick glance every now & then. I saw these two quotes in a stamp set by Waltzingmouse Stamps called Afternoon Tea, and I immediately knew what my theme was going to be. How soothing is tea? I love it! I paired that set up with 2 sets from Papertrey Ink called Tea for Two and Tea for Two Additions. So here is my finished product, I hope you all enjoy!

A girl can never have enough glittery spoons I always say...

I attached the tea bags onto the tags with the new little Smash paper clips and labels..

Well there ya have it peeps. Sorry there are so many pictures of it, I just love all the little details you can find while looking at these little treasures. Can I just tell you how much fun this was? Cutting apart that amazing paper in the Odds & Ends line with all of the words & phrases on it? Looking at the paper as a whole, its a jumble of words... But start cutting it apart and you discover so many delicious little morsels... Isnt that what life is made of? Bits & pieces of sweetness...thoughtful words...kind gestures...even a simple smile can change someones day completely! You know what they say, if someone doesnt have a smile, give them yours! Have a wonderful evening everyone. Love you all!

xoxo Rah

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