Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

Hey good evening! Happy Palm Sunday! I am so sad that I didn't get to church today, I worked nights last night sooo I was sleeping all morning :( But Im back on my regular schedule tomorrow so that's good! I lovvvee Easter time, being that I'm a Chrisian girl this whole week has always been so special to me. Especially with Spring being here and it's beautiful and green outside, flowers are budding, there's new life everywhere! It feels like I can breathe again, do you ever feel like that? When I woke up today it looked so beautiful outside, I couldn't help but grab my camera and head outdoors. I took these pics and, now, this is when I wish I could be an awesome "photoshopper" because if I added that dreamlike effect to these, they would be stunning! From my darling apple trees;

And my gorrrgeous lilacs, wow do I miss these all year!!

Wouldn't it be cool to add some sort of text over the blue sky? Ahh yes. But ya know what? Photoshop or not, God does a pretty amazing job on his own I'd say ;)

Thanks for stoppin in loves!

xoxo Rah

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Alanna said...

I think your photos are great - you don't need photoshop!